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Live workshops and self paced mini-courses that support you in work and at home

Somatic Breathwork

Breathe with Jenny teaches how to use breathwork for anxiety, stress and to increase energy

Better Sleep

Lizzi Cutler teaches better sleep through thought transformation, healthy habits & intentions

Conscious Parenting

Dawn-Renee Rice brings her experience as a parenting coach to help moms parent with less stress and more joy

The Power of Connection

Christine Volden teaches the power of connection to sell your ideas, concepts, stories & services

Manifesting Abundance

Celeste Brookes teaches how to manifest abundance though the moon phases of astrology

Manage Your Inner Critic

Cara Wykowski teaches how to Unfriend and Unfollow Your Harsh Inner Critic

How Collective Knowing Works

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Live Workshops & Experiences 

We believe learning is more powerful and more fun with others.  Connect with others (virtually or in person), share your experiences and contribute to the collective knowledge we share...


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Managing Your Energy at Work - Free Workshop

The Healing Magic of Psychedelics & Microdosing - FREE Event

What is Breathwork?

Free Event - Find Your Sacred Money Type - Thursday March 31st

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