Free Online Event • The Power of Transition

One Day • 11 Speakers • 1 Community 

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At This Special Event You Will Learn...


  • How to balance your energy so outside influences do not impact you
  • Tools to reduce stress and anxiety
  • The power of life transitions and how to maximize the benefits
  • The connection to your breath, body & spirit
  • Your divine sexuality & power through spiritual practices
  • To grow your business by listening to your intuition
  • To identify your own inner critic and learn techniques to manage it
  • To understand your cosmic blueprint and what it means for you
  • And so much more!
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Our Featured Speakers:


Christine Volden

Founder of Collective Knowing

"The Path of the Intuitive Entrepreneur"

Lizzi Cutler

Spiritual Sex Educator

"Why Having The Best Sex of Your Life Will Be the Game Changer You've Been Waiting For (and how to get there!)

Christie Turley

Chief Marketing Officer at Limelight Alchemy & Author, The Intuition Led Business

"The Simple Yet Powerful Shift Into Your Zone of Genius"


Cara Wykowski

Recovering Superwoman & Divine Bad Ass- Mindset Maven & Stylista

"Unswipe, Unfollow Your Harsh Inner Critic"


Tankut Denker

World Class Hugger, Yoga Instructor

"The Importance of Human Touch"

Celeste Brooks

Astrologer, Coach, and Intuitive

"Manifesting Abundance with Moon Phases"


Liz Peterson

Intuitive Healer and Podcast Host of "Raise the Vibe with Liz"

"Surrender to Your Flow, Living An Intuitive Life"


Christy Nash

Life Transition Coach

"Life Lessons from An Empty Nester"

Jenny Smith

Breathwork Facilitator and Yoga Breathing Coach

"Somatic Breathwork: A New Kind of Gateway Drug"

Rebeca Bollinger

Artist & Intuitive


April Zajko

M.Ed., Educational Consultant & Nature Based Educator

"Reclaim Your Inner P.O.W.E.R."


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