The Healing Magic of Psychedelics & Microdosing - FREE Event

alternativehealing events Apr 14, 2022


Come join us for this upcoming workshop where we will talk about:

  • The science behind psychedelics & how they can rewire your brain
  • How microdosing can help you tap into your creativity
  • What to expect when you microdose
  • How to set an intention for healing when using psychedelics

About Our Speaker:

Bijou is a Brand Stylist™, psychonaut and holistic guide specializing in visionary life design for conscious entrepreneurs & couples.  Her cutting-edge therapeutic process teaches business owners & lovers how to use psychedelics and healing practices to retrain the nervous system and clear limiting mental blocks. You can find her on Instagram as Mushroom Mamasita, follow her to learn more about this integration alchemist and her transformational retreat experiences and 1-on-1 virtual therapeutic coaching.


Register here:  The Healing Magic of Psychedelics & Microdosing