JUNE 11th • 2021


Join an amazing group of spiritual leaders, intuitive business owners, body workers, coaches and artists bringing alternative wellness to the mainstream in this special one day, LIVE virtual event!

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Explore, Learn, Share:

Meet leaders in spirituality & wellness that teach tools to help you understand yourself, get in touch with your inner voice & acknowledge what is holding you back from being your best self!

The Power of the Collective:

Not every teacher is meant to teach every student. Our goal is to present you with a multitude of ideas, teachers and practices so you can find the ones that most resonate with your current needs. 

At This Special Event You Will Learn...


  • How to balance your energy so outside influences do not impact you
  • Tools to reduce stress and anxiety
  • The power of life transitions and how to maximize the benefits
  • The connection to your breath, body & spirit
  • Your divine sexuality & power through spiritual practices
  • To grow your business by listening to your intuition
  • To identify your own inner critic and learn techniques to manage it
  • To understand your cosmic blueprint and what it means for you

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Learn powerful tools, techniques & mindset shifts to implement into your life for greater success, happiness & fulfillment! 


Our Featured Speakers:


Christine Volden

Founder of Collective Knowing

Lizzi Cutler

Spiritual Sex Educator

Christie Turley

Author, The Intuition Lead Business


Cara Wykowski

Recovering Superwoman & Divine Bad Ass- Mindset Maven & Stylista


Tankut Denker

World Class Hugger, Yoga Instructor

Celeste Brooks

Astrologer, Coach, and Intuitive


Liz Peterson

Intuitive Healer and Podcast Host of "Raise the Vibe with Liz"


Christy Nash

Life Transition Coach

Jenny Smith

Breathwork Facilitator and Yoga Breathing Coach

Rebeca Bollinger

Artist & Intuitive


April Zajko

M.Ed., Educational Consultant & Nature Based Educator


"Believe in what you want so much that it has no choice to materialize"


What Makes The Power Of Transition Summit Different?

2020 was a year of change, transition and lack of clarity for so many people.  It made many of us realize the importance of connection and focus on our own inner truth.

The Power of Transition Summit is focused on sharing tools, techniques and expert knowledge to assist you in navigating transition and change at this unique time in history. See you on June 11th! 

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About Collective Knowing

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Collective Knowing was founded to harness the power of the collective knowledge among us. Our goal is catalyze the innate truth in each person so we can support each other in community. 

As a society, we are stronger together, and as individuals we are strongest when we intentionally support our mind, body and spirit.

There is a wealth of knowledge in the world about supporting your body and mind.  Our goal is to support you in nurturing your spiritual wellness which we believe will enhance the other areas of your life.

We understand that each individual has unique learning styles, interests and history. We hope to present a variety of teachers, practices and modalities so each person can choose what is best for them at that moment in time.  

We look forward to supporting your journey.

-Christine & the Collective Knowing Team

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