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The Quiet Selling Method - Selling Your Ideas, Concepts & Stories in a New Way

Hosted by Collective Knowing with Christine Volden, Founder of Soulful Selling

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The Quiet Selling Method

Quiet Selling is simply a new way to think about selling.  We all sell our ideas, our beliefs, and our desires every day. If you are a human on planet earth, I guarantee that you are selling something to someone. If you are a parent, you are selling, if you are a teacher you are really great at selling and if you are nurse, you are a top tier salesperson!  The act of selling is really about asking for what you want.   


The problem is that many people have a misguided perception about selling. They think it's horrible, pushy, negative, so it is no wonder that people have mixed feelings about sales.   


But what if we could think about selling in a new way?  A way that is empowering, inspiring and ultimately for good?  That is what the Quiet Selling Method is all about.


In this workshops we will talk about:

➡️ The 4-step Quiet Selling framework that can be used to sell any idea, concept, product or service in an authentic and empowering way

➡️ The two secret ingredients to creating trust & confidence in yourself AND your clients so selling feels like an act of service and support

➡️ What you can do BEFORE selling that will make every offer more likely to end in a sale (and still allow you to feel in integrity with yourself)

Join me for this for this complimentary training to learn how to promote yourself in a way that feels 100% authentic, gets results and re-trains your brain to love selling.

About Christine

Christine Volden is the owner and founder of Soulful Selling and the author of the upcoming book, “The Quiet Selling Method". Her online courses have been viewed by over 500,000 people and she is a frequent speaker on sales and entrepreneurship for women.

Her content has been featured on companies like LinkedIn, Nutshell, Mailshake, the Mission, Huffington Post, Inc and Forbes and has been frequently featured by Salesforce as a small business leader and speaker at the international Dreamforce conference.

Mike "Muddy" Schlegel

"The fear of sales had really brought my career to a standstill. I was struggling.

You taught me a new way to think about it. In fact, I don't even think of it as selling anymore.
Now I wake up excited to tell people about the work that I'm doing and see if there's a connection."